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Monday, March 9, 2020

DEAR DAVID / HI JAN: Brickman & Galligan discuss film

In an editorial recently published at Nippertown, David and Capital Region expat Jan Galligan discuss the film 1917 through a series of emails. The piece is also being published in print in the Puerto Rican journal En Rojo (pending translation into Spanish).

Here's a taste of their discussion:

Thanks for sending your Nippertown article with your selections for The Best of 2019. We enjoyed your take on all the films being considered for the 2020 Academy Awards and agree with your selection of 1917 as one the best films of last year.

Here’s our interpretation of that Sam Mendes movie:
The first half of the film, until the main character is shot and the screen goes black (for a significantly long time) is all real, it actually happens.
The second half of the film, when he “wakes up” after that long blackout, all takes place in his imagination ... 

To read the rest, click here.

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Roger Owen Green said...

That IS a plausible theory of the film!