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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Note from the publisher

Dear Readers,

It had to come to this - my grad school (MBA) demands are such that I will likely post VERY LITTLE from now until December. My hope is to review or promote a few important shows or events during this period - but even that may be impossible under the circumstances.

Thank you for all of your wonderful support and encouragement. Please do not lose faith - I will be back!!!



Roger Owen Green said...

well, you're on my blogroll, so I'll see you when you're sleeping, oops, that's the other guy. I'll know when you post.

Unknown said...

Even the occasional post will be welcome!

J. Eric Smith said...

I look forward to seeing you pop up again . . . and I can TOTALLY relate to the blog falling off the radar screen, as mine is getting precious little attention either as we move into the heart of the semester . . . some day, we'll have a glass of wine (or seven) and laugh about it all.