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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Not a review, this is just a plug for a cool alternative art space in Glens Falls.

What is UpstArt? It's a gallery, it's a collective, it's a scene-setter. Located in the Shirt Factory, a big ol' brick building that used to be a - right, you got it - UpstArt is currently featuring a solo show by the mysterious artist collective TODT (and it's super-creepily great), but their usual fare is more local and broad-based.

A page on their website/blog says they are dedicated to turning the spotlight onto the new, the now, the young up-and-coming visual artists, writers, musicians, and performers who don’t fit into the “Adirondack-horse racing-run of the mill” scene.

Might be just what you need to balance the ethereality of the Hyde Collection's Degas & Music (reviewed below). Check it out and tell 'em I sent you!

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