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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Media Watch: Metroland needs a critic

You may have noticed that Metroland, the Capital Region's alternative newsweekly, is advertising for a freelance art critic. Though the paper lists three art critics on its masthead, it seems none is currently writing there.

I mention this in the hope that a Get Visual reader who has not seen the ads in Metroland becomes interested in contributing reviews to that publication. Without a Metroland art critic, our local media coverage is lacking an important facet. My own past experience writing reviews for that paper (in two or three stints totaling six or eight years) is that it provides a wide-open opportunity to cover shows as the writer sees fit.

Ideally, someone qualified and interesting will get on board and publish regularly.

Any takers?


Roger Owen Green said...

Why not David Brickman? Or is, "Been there, done that"?

david brickman said...

I stopped writing for Metroland in 2005 - and it was great, but I have no plans to go back. Besides, I have this really cool place of my own where I publish my reviews now!
There's room for more people to be voicing their informed opinions about regional art, and Metroland is an important platform that shouldn't be lost for lack of available writers.
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