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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another one bites the dust

It's official: Amrose Sable Gallery will close its doors on May 24th after three years of showing the best in local art on Hudson Avenue in Albany.

Gallery Director Elizabeth Dubben says she is not closing the business; she will continue marketing art online with a new blog and an expanded website, and she is on the lookout for alternative spaces. But the closure still feels like a loss, and it is all too familiar a feeling in this market, where it seems a commercial gallery just can't survive beyond a few years.

John Hanson's tasty antiques/design store/art gallery Dusk just closed in Troy (ironically, the last show there was a solo by Dubben) and the wonderful, whimsical Firlefanz Gallery lasted about three years on Lark Street before shutting its doors in 2006.

There's always hope for something new, and one can wish for the healthy continuation of other initiatives such as the grass-roots UAG on Lark and the well-curated program at Clement Frame and Art in Troy - but it's a little hard to be too optimistic in these times. Dubben and Hanson are talking about joining forces, though, and that's something to look forward to if it takes shape.

Meanwhile, another 1st Friday is upon us (details at, and Amrose Sable will participate by hosting the irrepressible Wendy Ide Williams in a solo exhibition (image below); the reception is from 5 to 9. The gallery's followup (and final) show will be by Robert Gullie.

The gallery's new hours are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5 to 8; and Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 3. Support it while you can.

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