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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Just in case you were wondering ...

Pink Wall, Deruta
It's been about nine years since Get Visual debuted, first as a feature of The Daily Gazette online edition, then independently on this platform. In that time, I've published more than 260 articles, most of which have been art reviews. I've also published only one of my own photographs, in August 2010 (see it here). At that time, I wrote that I would "very probably" never do that again.

Today, I'll break that pledge, with five examples from a recent trip to Italy. Just in case any of you were wondering whether I still take photographs, here's proof that I do. Hope you enjoy! -DB

Adriatic coast near S. Vito
View of the Majella from Chieti

Houses and Canal, Comacchio
Portico, Bologna


Harry Wilks said...

It is nice to see your work David.

Cathy Frank said...


John Rowen said...

Good morning, Dave:

Thanks for sharing these photos. They are great and give the viewer a sense of what Italy is like. If you have time, could you add a small note in this post or a subsequent one, telling us where the photos were taken and why you were there? It looks like an Italian vacation and we'd like to hear more about that experience and what other noteworthy things happened in between taking the photographs.

david brickman said...

John - I appreciate your enthusiasm but, alas, will leave you disappointed, as I don't wish to tell travel stories here. Maybe sometime when we get together! Cheers, DB