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Sunday, March 31, 2019

The incredible Pat Metheny

I've never written a music review - and I'm not about to start now - but I have to shout this out:
The concert by Pat Metheny's Side Eye that I attended last night at The Egg in Albany was so good that I promise you no peace if you miss the chance to see them wherever and whenever you can.

Joined by James Francies (keyboard, piano) and Nate Smith (drums), Metheny ripped the doors off the perceptions of a nearly sold-out crowd, channeling everybody from Clapton to Gilmour to Hendrix, while his colleagues nimbly and forcefully kept pace.

Of course he also did a whole lot of amazing Metheny while he was at it.

Brilliant, transcendent, dynamic, original, and beautiful. I will remember this one forever.

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