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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

DB goes to Italy, ends up on TV

Not everyone who goes on vacation gets a surprise like the one I got in Italy in May.

My wife and I were visiting a close friend who lives in Narni, a hill town in Umbria, when we all agreed to go check out a new museum of Street Art that had been established in the local 14th-century castle (pretty much every hill town in Italy has one of those - the castle, that is, not the museum).

Narni (which, BTW, is considered to be the exact geographic center of the Italian peninsula, and was the original Narnia in Roman times) is so small that we simply walked to the castle from Annamaria's home in town, as excited to see the inside of the old redoubt as we were to peruse the art show.

Well, the castle was great, and it turned out the show was really good, too.

Inside the exhibition, I got talking to Annamaria about the art, including the fact that I had previously written on this blog about some of the artists included or mentioned there (specifically, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, linked here to those posts). At that point, a fellow accompanied by a cameraman asked if he could interview me.

The results, revealed above around 1:45 into the video, aired on regional TV news that night.

How cool is that?

Subtitles translated by DB and William Laviano, inserted by William Laviano.


Anonymous said...

Quite cool, indeed. Thank you for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous = Jan Galligan

Anonymous said...

Davide, your moment has arrived, not the 15 minutes as promised, but on Italian TV no less!!! You look and sound like a venerable Italiano. Bravo !!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you speaking Italian - and making a pitch for Hope 👍